A Journal about craft and creativity
What is Make Believe?
Make Believe Manifesto
Make Believe is designed for serendipity, scroll down and see what tickles your fancy.

But – for those that prefer a road map ...
Susan Zelouf
Delectably Ed Bing Lee
Jennifer Flegg
Sermon in Wood
Daniel Defoe
Robinson Crusoe
Cormac Boydell
A Space Beyond Words
Eleanor Flegg
Becoming Real
Heidi Julavits
Lost Mittens
Nicola Gordon Bowe
Shaven Heads and Golden Skullcaps
Catherine Ann Cullen
When the Bough Breaks
Deirdre Sullivan
Meet the Nameless Thing
Roger Bennett
Liam Flynn
Glenn Hooper
Wee Chair
Catríona ní Mhurchú
The Rabbit
Toyo Ito
Three Transparencies
Pamela Johnson
100% Cotton
Joke Robaard
How Do You Repair a Weaving Flaw
The Rubber Bandits
Controversial Artist (demo)
Vona GRoarke
The Making of Porcelain
Carlo Gébler
The ABC Con
Hans Christian Andersen
The Shirt Collar
Guillemette Bolens
Turned Tangible to the Eye
Tanya Harrod
The Last Sane Man
Susan Maxwell
The Map is Not the Territory
Glenn Adamson
Enda Wyley
Solar Eclipse
Scott Coombs
The Tao of Letterpress
Make Believe Proclamation #2 
Aubrey Flegg
A Royal Court at Killaloe
Paula Meehan
The Pattern
Nick Harkaway
Joseph McBrinn
Exhibition Review Egg Fight: Yinka Shonibare MBE
Jessica Hemmings
David Wilcox
Costume and Narrative: Narrative and Clothing
Petrus Spronk
Art and Life
Anthony OBrien
Ice Age Art
Patrick Chapman
Sentient Glass
Grace Wells
A Cure for November
Eleanor Flegg
Troubled Light
Blinded by the Light
John Hutchinson
The Gift
Patrick Chapman
The Celluloid Angel
Gemma Tipton
Plates on Walls and Pots on Plinths
Freddie Robins
The Perfect
Roger Bennett
Grace WElls
The Coat
Thank You
A Journal about craft and creativity
What is Make Believe?

A journal about craft and creativity

What is Make BElieve?
Make Believe is an online journal of innovative writing about craft, design and creativity. Make Believe supports writing that is beautiful, radical and wise. Since 2013, it has considered, ranted, struggled, mused on, and thought about the process of making.
Make Believe is a labour of love
Brought to you by the PPFLC
(The People’s Popular Front for the Liberation of Craft)
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Dr. Eleanor Flegg,
design journalist, craft historian and writer of speculative fiction
Professor Jessica Hemmings,
Professor of Crafts, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Roger Bennett,

Visual Dictators

John Sherwin,
website design and development

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Year of Irish Design 2015
As part of ID2015, Make Believe  invited nine inspiring Irish writers to contribute new work to the journal. These poets, novelists, songwriters and playwrights responded to the theme of craft, design and making in their own genres.