Controversial Artist (demo)
The Rubber Bandits

Controversial Artist (demo)

The Rubber Bandits
Verse 1
I want to dress up as a Black and Tan, 
and fuck Gerry Adams in a phonebox
coz baby I'm a controversial artist.
I want to recreate Nine Eleven, 
with greyhounds as the Americans, 
and a woman's handbag as the plane. Oh yeah.
I want to snort washing powder off an orphan. 
I want to vomit on the infant Christ. 
I want to search the archives of the Wehrmacht
and find the photographs of Adolf Hitler where he is smiling, 
Print them out and put them on busses 
and portray him as a misunderstood man
I want to start wearing hats on my arse. 
I'm a controversial artist.
You can never understand my mind
Don't ask questions, you'll look stupid
Just keep a blank expression and drink the free wine
You see this Gallery? It's just like a Church
I'm the priest and you're my flock so shut up and fill my purse
Coz I'm the controversial artist
But I... I'm so very lonely, 
And I need someone to hold my hand. 
Naked in the hallway, the mobile phone, it glows on my skin
I see myself in the mirror and cry.
Verse 2
57 Crucifixes floating in piss, 
I drank Sinead O Connor's tit milk from a bowl of Weetabix
And Sting follows me on twitter, 
Do you know who I am?
You remembered the grapes, but where are my pears?
I asked for artichokes, not salmon. 
Just go stand over there, 
You're a useless assistant,
If I could rip up the fabric of time, 
I'd probably put a fortnight floating in formaldehyde
coz I'm a controversial artist.
Life has no meaning and God is dead
My work explores the space between your pocket and your head
I'm the controversial artist.
But I... I'm so very lonely, 
And I need someone to hold my hand. 
Naked in the hallway, the mobile phone, it glows on my skin
I see myself in the mirror and cry


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