A Cure for November

Grace WElls
First gather coloured silks. Find those that bear
the names of flowers, violet, lilac, lavender,
take the hues of precious stones, turquoise, amber, jade.
Find tangerine, apricot, a dazzling lime. 
Work in eggshell blue. Put the red from a robin’s breast 
beside gold so it lights like a fire in the hearth.
Take from the shelves a dictionary of stitches,
relearn the old tailoring, use God’s eye stitch, 
French knots, a plain herringbone.
Look about your house for loose objects, 
beads, ribbon, a twist of string,
on a scrap of paper write the words faith and courage,
pin them to the folds of this cloth. Each thread 
a metaphor for a word in a sentence or a relationship
sew out the contents your mind.
Trust when the needle plunges beneath fabric 
to move unseen 
the way laylines run below Avebury Henge.
Take cobalt blue and let your steady breath 
illuminate, just as stained glass lights
on Remembrance Sunday when a lone bugler
plays ‘The Last Post’ in notes poppy red.
Add rain on the window, the way it falls 
without fear or longing. Accept the accident
when you prick your finger and suddenly 
there is a living drop of blood that you wipe 
in the mouth the way women have done forever.
Take silver thread and wool soft as summer cloud, 
place them in dialogue, let them speak out all
you have not found the strength to say.
Put in embarrassment, peppermint green envy, 
white of shock and jaundiced yellow for your dull days, 
darn them here beside your worst faults.
Unpick regret. In India it is the Festival of Light
they are setting small candles onto the Holy river,
cease your despair, employ a deep, personal witchcraft,
as you sew your life back together
                                                                stitch by stitch.
'A Cure for November' was published previously in Shine On, Irish Writers for Shine, an anthology of writing supporting people affected by mental ill health, edited by Pat Boran for Dedalus Press in 2011.
A Cure for November
Grace Wells
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